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We offer workshops, lectures, organizational design consulting, facilitation and coaching.

Introduction to Formal Consensus
(14 hours; generally 2 consecutive days)
In this workshop, participants will learn to organize, facilitate, and participate in meetings based on Formal Consensus. We will focus on the theory and principles of Formal Consensus and how it is different from both majority rule voting and other versions of consensus. The beginner as well as the experienced consensus practitioner will find this workshop opens up a whole new set of possibilities for cooperative, democratic group dynamics. This workshop is designed for 20 to 50 participants and is based upon C.T. Lawrence Butler's book On Conflict and Consensus.

Mastering Formal Consensus
(28 hours; generally 4 consecutive days)
Same as above with two additional days of experiential learning (role plays) and extra emphasis on facilitation.

Better Meeting Skills
(flexible from 2 to 14 hours)
Why is it that, although meetings are necessary, they are often difficult, time-consuming and even painful experiences? Perhaps one of the reasons is that few of us take the time to learn better meeting skills. In this workshop, participants will learn skills and techniques designed to improve their experience in meetings. Exercises will be used to encourage creative conflict resolution, self-empowerment, respect for diversity, and appreciation of different perspectives and opinions. These skill-building exercises will provide experiential learning in areas of agenda planning, facilitation techniques, small group discussion and evaluation. The beginner as well as the experienced facilitator will find this workshop stimulating and valuable. This workshop is designed for 20 to 50 participants.

(flexible from 2 to 14 hours)
A workshop with special attention on facilitation and creation of the "Keepers of the Flame" or FACT (the Facilitation and Agenda Coordination Team) within an organization. This workshop is designed for and tailored to each organizations needs and situation.

Training for Teachers
(28 hours; generally 4 consecutive days)
Advanced training for graduates of the Masters workshop with the goal of preparing participants for facilitating Formal Consensus trainings on their own, either within their own organization or for the general public.
The fee for each of these workshops is based upon an attendance of between 20 and 50 participants and ranges between $1000-$2000/day plus expenses. There is a minimum of 12 participants. There is no maximum number of participants; however, over 50, the fee will need to be negotiated. Generally, at least 6 months lead time is needed for weekend workshops. Workshops during the work week are easier to schedule. A deposit of 35% plus travel expenses is required in advance to hold the dates.

Lectures, Consulting, Facilitation, Coaching
Lectures, consulting, facilitation and coaching are available and are designed and priced uniquely for each event based on the size, needs, and ability to pay of the sponsoring organization. Generally, the fee ranges from $50 - $200/hour plus expenses.

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